Making Cheese At Home

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Making Cheese At Home

Making your own cheese allows you to take control over the ingredients that go into your cheese.

For instance, you can opt for organic ingredients and you won’t use additives and preservatives commonly used in commercial cheese.  Not to mention the ‘unmentioned’ and unlisted routine use of antibiotics, food stimulants and preservatives that can make their way into our food.

Making cheese at home also ensures that you can exercise some degree of quality control over your finished product too!  And not forgetting the sense of satisfaction gained from mastering a recipe and technique before enjoying the fruits of your labour. Of course, despite following a recipe in reality it may take a few tries to get your homemade cheese perfect. But ultimately, we all learn through some element of trial and error.

Cheese and wine often goes well together and are usually compared. However, in the case of wine, the same grape grown in different places and in different years will give a variety of quality products. Furthermore, grapes are only harvested once a year, therefore it is easy to label with a vintage and then be defined by the cultivation and climate of the year. Cheese, on other hand, is made from milk from a number of different breeds of mammals and “harvested” or “milked” 1, 2 or 3 times a day. Each milking has slightly different characteristics which can influence the quality of the final cheese. Both require an elaborated preparation but the rewards will far outweigh the hard work.